Roshni + Raj's Engagement Proposal at Lehigh Valley University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

1. How did you and your fiance meet?
Raj and I met at Lehigh University when I was a senior in high school and he was a first-year at Lehigh. After he graduated, he went to the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine for medical school and I got my masters there the year after. Fun fact- we were born in the same hospital too! So I guess I have just been following him around everywhere!

2. What do you love about your partner?Ah, how do I pick just one thing?! I think what I love the most is Raj's personality. He is such a genuine human being and he is always knows how to make me laugh!

3. How did he propose?
Raj proposed at Lehigh University! He tricked me into thinking his sister in law's friend was visiting Lehigh as an option for graduate school so we would meet them for lunch at Lehigh. After he proposed, we ate lunch at our favorite diner where we ate breakfast every single day, Alexandria's Bistro. He also arranged to have our closest family members waiting at his house when we got home!

4. What was the inspiration that you had in mind for your engagement photos?
Raj hired Maria Garth to take pictures of the actual proposal so I can't say I had any inspiration because I was mainly just in shock the entire time! There were a few places on campus that I wanted photos taken but I mostly just wanted pictures that captured the emotions we were feeling that afternoon.

5. (Have you started wedding planning) If so, how has your experience been so far?We have started to plan the wedding. Overall, it hasn't been too crazy (yet). We have most of the vendors selected so I think we are in the calm phase before everything gets chaotic. 

6. What was your experience like working with your engagement photographer?
Working with Maria was awesome! She was really good at giving Raj and I some space/time to enjoy the immediate moments after we got engaged while she was still photographing every moment. She had visited Lehigh the night before so she knew some good locations she wanted to shoot at as well. We would highly recommend Maria because of her talent but mostly because of how comfortable she made us feel.